Center For Artificial Intelligence Research & Education

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, VVCE, Mysuru

Center for AI Research and Education

CAIRE (Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Education) serves as an informational resource centre on AI for the learning community. The basic objective of CAIRE is to create awareness and disseminate the recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence among education community comprising of students, researchers and faculty members. CAIRE concentrates to promote multidisciplinary research in AI and provides training and technical assistance on AI research and development.


The objectives of CAIRE, but not limited to, are as follows


Dr. Aditya C R
Associate Professor - CSE
Dr. Ramakrishna Hegde
Associate Professor - CSE
Prof. Shraddha C
Assistant Professor - CSE
Prof. Usha C S
Assistant Professor - CSE
Prof. Pavan Kumar S P
Assistant Professor - CSE
Prof. Sachin D N
Assistant Professor - CSE
Prof. Nithin Kumar
Assistant Professor - CSE
Prof. Nagashree Nagaraj
Assistant Professor - CSE


Mr. Saurabh Jha
Director - Data Science,
Ms. Usha Rengaraju
Principal Data Scientist,
Infinite Sum Modelling
Dr. Pankaj Dwivedi
Officer Incharge,