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The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1997 with an intake of 120. The department has grown leaps and bounds since then. Mechanical Department has its own block housing all the laboratories, workshops, and lecture halls and staff rooms. It has a student population of 360 with an annual intake of 90 (since 2009). The department is well equipped with state- of- the- art laboratories, workshops & infrastructural facilities. The machine shop has a CNC lathe besides conventional lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, etc. The department has excellent computational facilities and resources both in terms of hardware and software. The department has 110 computers loaded with a wide range of software Packages.

The department has faculty members from all specializations of mechanical engineering namely, Thermal, Design, Manufacturing and Management. The faculty members are not only qualified but have good experience in teaching and research. Six faculty members are pursuing their doctoral program. The supporting staff are qualified, experienced, and skilled.

The department also offers an M.Tech program in Computational Analysis in Mechanical Sciences (CAMS) since 2009. This specialization is first of its kind under VTU. The department has an R & D centre which is active in thrust areas such as bio fuels, solar energy, and natural fibre composites.

‘Crusades’ is an annual technical fest conducted by the department to exhibit hidden talents of students and also to hone leadership skills of budding engineers.

The Department is currently under the able guidance of Dr. G. B. Krishnappa who has done his Ph.D in the field of Cryogenics under VTU, and has worked in academic institutions of international repute.


To be a Centre of Excellence in Mechanical Engineering promoting value added education, distinguishing research and innovative entrepreneurship.


The department of Mechanical Engineering of Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering established under the aegis of Vidyavardhaka Sangha, Mysuru will:

DM1: Promote innovative teaching-learning methods to enhance problem solving skills.

DM2: Enhance industry-institute interaction for mutual benefit by collaborating with Industries.

DM3: Facilitate research and developmental activities by providing state - of–the- art facilities in the research centers.

DM4: Nurture entrepreneurial skills by establishing incubation center.

DM5: Promote Leadership qualities, work culture and professional ethics through overall personality development.


Within a few years of graduation, a majority of our graduates will secure a suitable profession that involves Mechanical Engineering knowledge and skills, pursue higher studies which lead to useful research, become successful entrepreneurs and administrators to help the society in general. In these roles they will:

PEO 1. Acquire the necessary mathematical and scientific knowledge as well as managerial and Mechanical Engineering procedures to analyze and solve real world problems within their work domain.

PEO 2. Innovate, adopt and contribute to technologies and systems in the key domains of Mechanical Engineering.

PEO 3. Communicate effectively as members and leaders of multicultural and multidisciplinary teams;

PEO 4. Be sensitive to professional and societal contexts and committed to ethical action.


PSOs1: Apply principles of basic sciences, mathematics, machine design, manufacturing, thermal engineering and management to solve real life mechanical engineering problems.

PSOs2: Solve complex engineering problems in the field of aerospace, automobile, power plants, manufacturing and thermal engineering.

PSOs3: Apply scientific and engineering methods to devise useful products that are safe, reliable and cost effective.


Crusades is an annual technical fest of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, VVCE. It had its inception in the year 2006. Crusades was mainly targeted as the “Quest for the Knowledge”, when it was first started.

Crusades is basically aimed to improve the technical and non-technical abilities of mechanical engineering background students including Mechanical, Industrial Production, Industrial management, Automobile Engineering.

The fest not only aims at Mechanical Engineering, but also have events in which students from Non-mechanical Engineering background can participate and enhance their skills through several competitions to keep up the festive spirit. Few fun events are also included in the fest.

From its inception in 2006, Crusades has made it a point to have technical talks which is delivered by eminent people in the field of Engineering. Crusades made a tremendous progress, particularly with the skill testing competitions like assembly of small equipment, fault identification in an automobile etc. Year by year, Crusades becoming a bigger and better event. Crusades is normally held in the month of April. Last year it was held with a grand success. CRUSADES mainly focused on Automobile Parts Exhibition.

A technical talk on “Current Trends and Scope in Automobile Engineering” was delivered by the President, Automotive Axles Limited Mr. Ashok Rao. Some of the interesting events that were included in CRUSADES were Automobile Parts Exhibition, Remote Controlled Nitro Cars, Paint Ball, Mileage Run, Snapshot and Boat Designing etc., were held successfully.

Today even a word of mouth gives it a great advertisement. Crusades also has a website through which anybody could access to the events that were held.



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