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Information Science is a field that has shrunk the world, brought distant places closer, made man get in touch with data and people, with the speed and power of lightning. The advancements in this sphere have been unbelievably tremendous. In the modern tech-savvy world, information science as a branch of engineering has been luring students because of its vast scope and opportunities. The focus of this branch is the design and implementation of information systems.

The Department of Information Science & Engineering was established in the year 1999.The program prepares the students to design and manage computerized data processing and decision support .The program is technically oriented, emphasizing the design and implementation aspects of large scale information systems as well as the more traditional, managerial and organizational issues. It also balances development of systems engineering skills with learning to deliver reliable systems on time and within a specified budget.

To be a premier department for quality education in Information Science and Engineering creating competent professionals to meet the societal needs.

1. Provide the best teaching-learning environment through proficient staff and excellent infrastructure.
2. Inculcate professional values and entrepreneurial skills to fulfill the career and societal needs.
3. Encourage innovations through research.
4. Facilitate interaction with elite Institutions and Industries for knowledge sharing.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):
1. Design optimal solution for information science related problems with in depth knowledge to become a successful professional
2. Become a responsible software engineer to address social challenges with professional values and entrepreneurial skills
3.Be sensitive to technological advances through continuous learning and research.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):
Students graduating in Information Science and Engineering will also be able to:

PSO1: Evaluate the functioning of computer subsystems, interfaces and system software using appropriate tools.
PSO2: Analyze, design, implement and test the information systems by applying suitable algorithms, data structures and object oriented technology.
PSO3: Design and develop an efficient information system for storage, retrieval and visualization.
PSO4: Provide secure solutions in the areas of Computer Networks and software Engineering.

Facilities available in the Department :
1. Well experienced and dedicated faculty who strive to give the best to the students

2. The Department has well equipped state of the art labs with all the latest software & high end computers to meet the needs of the students
3. Many student projects have been sponsored by KSCST (Karnataka state council for Science and Technology) and won various State Level Awards.
4. The Department has bagged three VTU Ranks in the years 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2014-15
The students have actively participated in cultural & sports activities and bagged VTU championship for four years continuously.
5. The faculty and students have published papers in various National and International Conferences.
6. The Department organization “INFOSTA” conducts an annual event “INSIGNIA” to showcase the talents of the students. It also sponsors the students to participate in various competition and events.

The Department has trained more than a thousand engineers who have distinguished themselves as leading academicians, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs in several universities and industries in India and abroad.



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